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The pigeons and the grains

There was once a man who sold birds and earned money on it. He did not care at all about what happened to the birds. The main thing for him was to buy new things all the time. He was always in shiny shoes, whatever kind of weather. He ate only on silver plates, and could never get the oatmeal in his stomach. Silk Quilts he had in his bed and gold knitted pajamas. It was uncomfortable to sleep in, but the main thing was that it was fine.

He used to go to a river where there was a large tree. It was so big and inviting that many birds came there to stay overnight. It was like a hostel for birds. The fowler used to catch he birds with a landing net that he swung around in the air. It was quite laborious. In particular, with the big belly, he acquired from all the good food.

”Pooh!” Said the fowler for himself. ”I have to find some other way to capture the birds!”

He thought a long time. In the end he got an idea: He would sprinkle a few grains on the ground below the tree and then put a net over them. Some birds would surely be attracted by the grain. While he went to the river he was thinking about everything he could buy when he had sold the birds. He already possessed everything, but why not get double of the best? He crept close to the tree so that the birds would not see him. It was early morning, and no one had woken up yet. Gently he scattered the grains on the ground and put the net over. Then he went on tiptoe a bit away and waited.

After a while it began to dawn.The fowler saw a flock of pigeons approaching. They would be something for him. What he did not know was that it was King Speckle Neck who came with his entire entourage.

King Speckle Neck was not only wise, he was also thoughtful. Several times it had happened that some novice fell in trouble. There once was a cat who caught a pigeon chicken and kept on playing with it. Then the king Speckle Neck was there and chopped the cat so it dropped the chicken. Another time, it happened that a small chicken flew against a window in a house. It struck its head and fell down. King Speckle Neck saw it and immediately came and guarded the chicken. No one could do harm to the chicken ill while he was recovering from the stroke. All pigeons loved of their king. They wanted to serve Him. They searched for resting places and places that were good for playing. They helped him to find food and find water.

Now one of King Fleckle Neck’s entourage spotted the grain lying on the ground.

”Come, look! Grains!” He cried.

But King Speckle Neck got worried and suspicious:

How can it be that there are grains here under a tree? People do not pass by here? He warned his companions with some wisdom he learned:

”Can a golden dove exist? Those who seek it are doomed.
Danger’s cloud of thunderstorm is growing. Behind its shadow, the idea gets forlorn.”

The pigeons did not listen. They wanted so much to have the grain. Some old words of wisdom would not deter them. All flew down to the ground. King Speckle Neck could not leave them in the lurch. He must follow them.

What happened? All got stuck in the net. They could not get away. The more they tried, the more entangled they got. Then they began to scold the dove who had spotted the grain:

”If you had not cheated us, we would not be caught!”

They shouted a verse to bully him too:

”Dumb you who was first, you
first is not the the greatest, you
When we fall ill,
you should get on the skull! ”

So they kept on, but nothing helped. They could not get away with bullying. The king rebuked them:

”In danger, bullying is the unfit resort. Let us instead try to find a way to escape. Consider what the sages say:

”Be not excited about luck, bad luck should not wear the thought.
In a council you should talk, war’s danger, you should meet.
Words of wisdom give the soul strength. as the sages said
You who follow good advice, over fate you get the power. ”

He continued after a moment:
”If we work together we can do it! We’ll do this: we fly up all at the same time, with the net. A single pigeon can not make it, but together we can fix it ! Remember that ”unity is strength”!

The pigeons stopped chattering and began thinking of the advice. So they decided, and flew away. All at once, and net with them.

The fowler saw what they did and tried to get hold of them. But he was too slow and the pigeons disappeared. What would they do now? They could not fly around with the net for a long time.

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