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King Speckle-neck and Golden Skin

The king of the pigeons, Speckle- Neck, had befriended the King of the mice, Golden Skin, very long time ago. It may sound strange. One who can fly, how can he be friends with sombody, living under the earth? Maybe they grew up on the same farm. Maybe they helped each other. What do we know who are just reading the story of their friendship?

Now the king of the pigeons was in trouble. Immediately, he thought of his friend, King of the mice. While King Speckle-Neck flew there together with his followers, all entangled in a net, he said to the others:

”We fly to the King of the mice, my friend. He can certainly find some way to get us free from the net. ”

Said and done, they flew to the home of the King of the mice. So they landed outside, but they saw no one there.

The fact was that the King of mice had got so scared in his old age. He had resorted to hiding deep under the ground. For safety’s sake, he had made a hundred outputs, so that he could get out if anybody came to threaten him. Now he lived there all alone. All his relatives and friends had moved. When the King of the pigeons with all his company arived, the King of the Mice first got horrified. Now there was someone who was looking for him. Then he heard:

”My dear friend, Golden Skin, where are you? I have come to greet you! ”

Golden Skin recognized the voice. He ran out of his hole and saw Speckle Neck.

”How nice that you came, that was a long time ago!”

As he spoke, he saw that the pigeons were entangled in a net:

”But what is this?” he said, appalled. ”What has happened?”

”Alas, said Speckle Neck, it is like this:

Disease, anxiety, and worries

come from last life failures. ”

Golden Skin did not answer, but he immediately began to gnaw on the wires in the network to liberate Speckle Neck.

”No, my friend!” Said Speckle Neck, ”start with my entourage and then take my threads!”

”I’m small,” replied Golden Skin, ”and my teeth are weak – I cannot gnaw so much! No, I’ll bite through your wires first, as long as my teeth stand. Then I will start with the others. Nobody advocates that one should protect others by sacrificing himself! In fact, it is said like this:

”Keep your wealth for your own use. Give it to your wife.

Then you have both wife and wealth to managing your life. ”

”My friend!” Replied king Speckle Neck, this may be a way to live life, but I cannot bear that those who depend on me get into trouble! It’s like this:

”For those who live may we give all of our property!

Death that comes has to come anyhow! ”

King Golden Skin then felt a great reverence for his friend.

”Nobly said, my friend,” he said, ”nobly! With such attention to those who serve you, you are worthy of being sovereign over all the world! ”

He began to free several pigeons from the net. When the pigeons were set free, they helped to loosen the net from the king.

All were relieved and happy. King Golden Skin arranged a real welcome party for them.

During the party, King Golden Skin gave a speech where he quoted the philosophers´ thoughts:

Do not believe, my friend, King of the pigeons, that it is your fault that you got caught in the net! You have not  committed so many sins in your previous life! This was fate! This is how it is:

When the eagle flies over the earth

to seek prey that is there

the moment comes sometime,

so are the words, when he is lost.

The King of the pigeons took this to his heart.

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