Inlägget gjort

When ants carried my bath tub away.

”You have ants in your body!” No, my mom didn’t tell me so when I was little. She just said ”Calm down,” or ”Can you never be quiet?” The girls at school, however, taught me the meaning of  the ants. I took in the words. 

Since then, I have been good friends with the ants. I greet them every spring. Sometimes I come too early. The ant hill is icy and hollow. Here, the ants will have a lot to do when they wake up. I scold those who have been inside during winter sleep.

In the spring the ants emerge, awake. They rush as usual back and forth and I understand that ants are both jealous and eager. Just like me. I tried to help them with the hole. I lifted up a large moss piece and blocked the hole. Immediately there were a multitude of ants there. What did they do? They didn’t start working with the moss. They crawled under it and suddenly it was gone. Why this? I guess, they only wanted one straw at a time. Didn’t they realize that it was much more efficient to take a large piece at once?

When I got home I was pretty dirty.

”Where have you been?” Mom wondered. ”At the ant hill,” I said.

Mom just sighed and filled the bath tub with water. I liked to swim. I hadn’t thought of it before. I should always make myself dirty. 

I lay in the tub for a long time. It is so nice to lie down in the water and blow soap bubbles. Or let the water rinse over your ears. You see nothing and hear nothing. No one can tell you not to. Whatever it is you should not do. Nor can anyone say that you have to do something boring. Like washing dishes or sweeping. In the water I am free, I let go of my dreams just as the hair swings on the waves.

The whole tub swung. I lay there enjoying myself. It was like in the hammock. I closed my eyes and thought about the clouds above. No one could disturb me. I only saw my own eyelids. There, animals of different kinds appeared. A dragon and a unicorn. A lovely melody played in my ears. I started to whistle and brought another noise to my delight.

Suddenly, someone took me in one wrist.

”Leave me alone, Mom!” I said. ”It’s so nice to swim!”

Someone pulled me hard so I had to get my head out of the water. It wasn’t Mom. A strange man was standing next to my bathtub.

”What are you doing in my bathroom?” I wondered, really angry. Disturbing me like that in my nice bath!

”In your bathroom?” said the man. ”You’re out on the street!”

I looked around. I was naked in the bathtub. Some people stood around me, watching. Fortunately, none of my classmates were there. No one from school either, I hope.

”Ants,” said a man who bent down. ”There are a lot of of ants under the tub!”

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